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About ISDB

INFORMATION SYSTEMS DATABASE (ISDB) is an open database project introduced in 2017.

The Goal of ISDB is to support fellow researchers in finding established research constructs and items.

ISDB holds over 1.250 research constructs and over 10.000 items.
The database supports high quality IS Journals (e.g., MISQ, ISR, JIT) and AIS conferences (e.g., AMCIS, ECIS, ICIS).
ISDB is permanently updated with new developments in information systems.
We appreciate any support from fellow researchers who support us in adding constructs and items to the database.

The database is maintained voluntary, hence any donation is highly appreciated.

When you use ISDB, we further appreciate a respective citation:
C. Mittendorf, U. Ostermann, D. Franzmann (2017), Information Systems Database (

Thank you very much.
Your ISDB-Team.

Trending Constructs

Disposition to Distrust Disposition to trust Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Perceived usefulness Trust Distrust in vendor behavior Job Satisfaction Continuance Intention (7-point Likert scale from (1) extremely unlikely to (7) extremely likely) Knowledge-sharing psychological climate: Openness to failure Intention to Use Habit - Awareness Task productivity Functionality expectations Shared Understanding (IS) Continuance Intention EMail extraneous cognitive load Technology satisfaction Complexity Previous Satisfaction with Vendor Cognitive trust Habit Willingness to Buy (WTB) Disconfirmation Distrusting Beliefs


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